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is one of Jordanian’s leading service providers of power quality solutions which aim to improve power quality issues including power factor and electrical harmonics, optimise power usage, reduce power costs and increase safety and compliance, outcomes critical to energy intensive sectors such as mining, industrial, commercial and power utilities. Our range of energy management services includes power factor correction, voltage optimisation, uninterruptible power supply, neutral earthing resistor, surge and lightning protection, specialist transformers, electrical safety, and capacitor solutions. Our team of highly qualified and skilled engineers can assist in providing a power quality solution to suit specific applications. Comprehensive system support and analysis ensure your installation is performing at its best.

AIC&P Services

Fire Alarms

Whatever the size and complexity of your requirements, whether networked or a stand alone system, AIC&P can offer the latest fire alarm systems from leading manufacturers.

Health & Safety

AIC&P can also work as part of a Health & Safety team following guidelines and stipulations required by other Contractors on high profile construction sites.


We carry out all aspects of industrial and commercial installations throughout Jordan and offer full project management of the electrical elements of any contract.


Scheduled and preventative maintenance can be managed by AIC&P 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


All electrical items require periodic testing in order to make sure that they are still safe and are able to carry the voltage needed to power the device.


We provide fully integrated uninterruptible power supply solutions can provide your business with the highest levels of availability, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and improved energy efficiency.

Why choose AIC&P electrician in Amman.

We are a progressive, dynamic electrical contracting company formed in 1983. Throughout our history we have achieved controlled growth, aided by our willingness to embrace new technologies. The resources, scope and professionalism of a medium sized company are combined with the flexibility and personal attention usually associated with a smaller concern


Whatever the size and complexity of your requirements, we will support you
Domestic Electricity

We have based our business success on providing the services you need, along with first class customer service. We are fully qualified electrical contractors.

All jobs, large or small, receive the same high level of care and attention from our team of skilled electricians. We always treat our customer’s homes with respect and work in a clean and tidy manner at all times. We carry out a comprehensive range of electrical work. From small jobs such as replacing a damaged socket to complete redesign, new installation and refurbishment.


With extensive experience of working for commercial customers, we know how important it is to have a reliable electrical contractor.

Electrical provide a wide range of electrical installations and services in all types of commercial establishments. Our electrical services vary in size from small electrical alterations to large projects, to the complete provision of electrical and lighting services for new or refurbished large commercial premises.

Commercial Electricity Our range of electrical work includes: Electrical Rewiring; Lighting Installation; Maintenance; Security Systems; Fault Finding and Inspection & testing.

also completes electrical work for commercial developments. We are completely qualified to install, design, test and inspect all electrical installations. We also provide sufficient information to safely maintain, alter and operate every installation we complete. Some of the commercial development work we undertake includes the repairs of electrical systems, the installation, repair and maintenance of emergency lighting and alarms, site maintenance and the installation of underfloor heating.


We aim to offer a complete range of services for industrial customers from general electrical installation to supplying and fitting generators.

We provide a wide range of electrical installations and services for industrial customers. Our electrical services range from small electrical alterations to large projects, and to the complete provision of electrical and lighting services for new or refurbished large industrial premises. Industrial Electricity

3 Phase Installations Our trained team provide the installation, repair and maintenance of 3 Phase Installations for all industrial applications.

Data Installations If your business requires lines to be run for the purpose of data, call us. Whether large or small, we can complete your data installation with very little disruption to your daily operations. Contact us to find out how.

Electrical System Fault Repairs Do you suspect a faulty electrical system, but don’t know where the problem is located? We test electrical systems of all sizes, and will then repair any issues we find.

Generators Ensure that your business keeps running, regardless of the weather with a generator installation. We offer a full range of some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Visit our contact page to enquire about our generators.

Lamp change, fitting and cleaning Excess dirt and other debris can make your lamps and fittings less efficient over time. We offer the know-how needed for the proper cleaning of all fittings, and can change lamps as required.

PAT Testing We can test all of the appliances in your organisation to ensure they are in sound working order, as well as notify you if any of your appliances is in need of replacement.

Testing AIC&P can meet all your electrical testing and inspection requirements. With a long track record in providing testing and inspection to local clients, we know that our customers want a service that is efficient, discrete and compliant with all relevant legislation. The exact testing and inspection service you will require is dependent on your type of business. We can meet your testing needs from portable appliance testing to the involved testing of systems and emergency systems. We generate reports that detail our findings following a visit to your premises. Contact us for more information.

Fault Finding Here at AIC&P, we understand that an electrical problem might lead to loss of trade. We have a team of electricians, and can offer a quick response to your call out. Once the fault has been identified, we can advise you on the best course of action, and then carry out any necessary repairs.

Lighting Automation

No more do you have to manually control your home or office lighting with several switches. Today’s modern home and workplace relies on intelligent lighting.

AIC&P offers automated lighting sales, installation and service for both domestic and commercial applications. We can create a lighting solution to match your requirements. Lighting Automation But automated lighting is much more than convenient; it can also be used to increase the safety of a home or office. Occupancy simulation will add security when you are out of the office or home. We can also install sensors to trigger illumination when any movement occurs.

Individual Settings Automated lighting allows you to store individual lighting settings for each room, each controlled by the touch of a button. No matter who uses the room, you can ensure that illumination occurs only when the room is in use, which can reduce your energy consumption. In the home, a path of light can be created to light the way during the night. For example, you can set your automated lighting system to illuminate the way from a guest bedroom to the bathroom so that your guests can easily find their way in unfamiliar surroundings.


Electrical testing can not only save lives, but can also save property.

Testing AIC&P can meet all your electrical testing and inspection requirements. With a long track record in providing testing and inspection to local clients, we know that our customers want a service that is efficient, discrete and compliant with all relevant legislation.

We conduct electrical testing in both domestic and commercial settings to the latest wiring regulations.

Testing Services The exact testing and inspection service you will require is dependent on the type of domestic, business or commercial premises. It may be that simple portable appliance testing is sufficient. However, some establishments need more involved testing of regular and emergency systems. Whether you run a hotel, gym, school or an ice rink, we ensure that the testing regime you require will be delivered.

Landlords Certificates As a landlord, you have a legal requirement to provide a safe building for tenants. In the event of an accident caused by faulty electrical appliances or installations, you could find yourself liable. For this reason, electrical safety checks by a qualified electrician are recommended at least every five years, or according to your insurance policy.

PAT Testing AIC&P enable you to easily increase the electrical safety in your workplace with our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing). Our quick service ensures that you can conveniently and efficiently reduce the risk of accidents with as little disruption as possible.

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