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AIC&P provides you with top of the market technology to solve your power problems and reduce the cost.

The resources, scope and professionalism of a medium sized company are combined with the flexibility and personal attention usually associated with a smaller concern.

Power quality refers to the ability of electrical equipment to consume the energy being supplied to it in an efficient and effective manner. A number of power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance impact on the efficiency of electrical equipment.

This has a number of consequences including:

  • Higher energy usage and costs
  • Higher maintenance and repair costs
  • Equipment instability and failure resulting in process or business disruption

Power Quality – the efficiency and effectiveness of power supply.
Good power quality is critical in efficient and uninterrupted industrial processes.
Poor power quality can result in unstable equipment operation or failure, inefficiencies and reduced equipment lifespan, interruption of supply and plant down-time.
AIC&P specialise in evaluating, auditing and addressing a wide range of power quality issues to increase plant, motor and equipment efficiencies and the bottom line.

What solution is right for me?

Power consumption can be influenced by an intricate and complex set of variables. Our deep knowledge of power supply and electrical systems allow us to pinpoint your requirements as a power user and design or assign a solution that addresses your needs.

This is generally done in 2 ways:

* By understanding your power usage and any problems that may be occurring, our experienced people will recommend the right solution.
* AIC&P can perform a full power audit including data logging over a set period of time. This can allow an intimate knowledge of your power profile allowing us to develop a cost benefit analysis against a range of technologies of combination of technologies.


Our aim is to improve power quality issues, optimise power usage, reduce power costs and increase safety and compliance – outcomes critical to energy intensive sectors such as mining, industrial, commercial and power utilities.

Our team of highly qualified and skilled engineers can assist in providing a power quality solution to suit specific applications. Comprehensive system support and analysis ensure your installation is performing at its best.

AIC&P has helped many well recognised organisations to solve their power quality issues and are well respected in the industry for providing comprehensive and customised solutions.

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