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AIC&P’S commitment to Health & Safety both within the office and on site is second to none.
Our Management staff and Engineering teams appreciate that safe working is imperative in our sector of business. Special considerations are taken for each individual site, as no two sites are the same.

Project Management and Engineering teams are drilled to appreciate the individual safety requirements of each site.

This provides our teams with adept instincts for working in delicate sectors such as Hospital, Schools and prisons. AIC&P can also work as part of a Health & Safety team following guidelines and stipulations required by other Contractors on high profile construction sites.

Engineering teams have access to approved Industry Standard Equipment, so they can undertake and complete our designs in a safe and effective manner.


AIC&P considers that the Health and Safety at work of all its employees to be a major factor in all its operations and the maintenance of good standards is a declared objective.

The Managing Director is responsible to ensure the effective implementation of our Policy and Procedures Manual. Whilst the director remains ultimately responsible, he delegates authority and responsibility for the promotion of the Health and Safety to the Management Team, who must ensure that Health and Safety matters are given full consideration at all stages of work.


The Managers and Supervisory Staff ensure that Health and Safety procedures are followed and it is mandatory that procedures are complied with including the completion of self checks, Method and Risk Assessments.

All our employees have written instructions to take reasonable care of themselves and their colleagues together with any visitor and other persons who maybe be affected by their activities at work.

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