Glamor S


600VA ~ 2000VA

Thanks to its pure sinewave output, GLAMOR S UPS is the best choice for small sensitive IT loads with PWM technology.This product belongs to the category of UPS Ablerex Line Interactive category.Find out all the information in the box below: features and options.It is also possible to download the technical sheet and the set up with its own manual.If you need further information, please join our Request info. 

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Line Interactive UPS


  • Pure sinewave output
  • Increases servers power supply life span
  • Integrated voltage regulator (AVR) for sags, spikes, under and over voltages
  • Cold start to switch on the UPS without mains
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range, for a longer battery life
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Automatic battery test
  • Smart battery management system enhancing battery life
  • Monitoring Software (Emily) with event-data log, to protect your PC by shutdown
  • USB connection port and RJ45 surge protection for telephone lines
  • 2 years EU warranty on UPS


  • Communication cable
  • RS232 Port
  • Many front and back panel customization possibilities

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