Ablerex BMS extends battery life thanks to its unique built-in function of voltage equalizer.The wireless communication between the batteries and the receiver truly simplifies the installation and the maintenance of the blocks. Thanks to the RS485 communication between the RF receiver.

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  • Voltage Equalizer: equalizes the voltage of each battery of the string to improve battery life
  • RF 2.4GHz, Wireless Communication Technology
  • Easy Installation: save installation costs
  • RS485 communications between RF receiver and touch screen to cover widest plant size
  • Graphic LCD touch screen
  • Real Time Monitoring: block voltage, block impedance, temperature, string voltage & current
  • Ni-Cd Battery Measure Kit Available
  • Available for different battery voltage and capacity
  • Protecting cut off voltage: preserves batteries form deep discharge
  • Built in SD storage memory card for battery history database up to 16GB
  • Colour bar/curve diagrams
  • Programmable alarm level
  • Alarm via e-mail & dry contact
  • Ethernet/RS-485 for Remote Monitoring
  • Manage up to 750 batteries


  • Temperature sensor for each battery
  • Additional antenna for each battery to extend wireless range
  • SMK version up to 120V for higher precision
  • Dedicated software for remote monitoring and data storage

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