Static Transfer Switches – STS


STS have high performance STS, up to 3000A with extremely short transfer time (<=5ms).Their overload capability enables its use also in heavy duty applications. Thanks to their internal redundancy and oversizing it guarantees maximum reliability. 

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Transfer Switches – STS / ATS


  • Voltage and frequency continuous monitoring and synchronizing
  • Extremely rapid automatic transfer (<= 5ms) thanks to continuous synchronisation, without sources connection
  • No transfer under short circuit after the STS, to keep up the current until the correct protections work
  • Continuous check of the SCR proper working and backfeed protection
  • Dual bypass, one per source, to achieve total sources independence in case of maintenance
  • Maximum reliability thanks to redundant internal power supplies and cooling, plus oversizing of the neutral
  • Front access for easy maintenance
  • Bottom connection as a standard, top connection possible to simplify installation in any condition
  • Wide communication offer as a standard: dry contacts, RS 232, RS485
  • Use of Circuit Breakers, for best protection in all conditions
  • Operation without Neutral


  • Isolation transformer
  • Plug-in breakers
  • Additional dry contact board
  • 4-pole configuration
  • E-box open chassis version

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