Thanks to the Iswitch PI control feature, it can learn on its own in the room and fulfill the desired functions.

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Integrated temperature and humidity sensors provide a unique comfort. With a next-generation screen, the device taking its energy from the KNX BUS line consumes very little energy.
By choosing from plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and a stunning glass effect, Iswitch offers a unique range of colors in special and standard colors.
Iswitch can ensure self-orientation with a next-generation automation key. For example, the light level detector automatically adjusts the light level.
Lighting and thermostatic controls are simply performed on the screen, as is the case with home modes. It can automatically control the departments thanks to its integrated temperature, humidity and brightness sensors

You do not have to allow disputes in your living space; there is no need for it. You can freely choose the color and light level with the Iswitch integrated RGBW status LEDs. The switch, which is very functional with a wide range of materials and colors, is getting ready to take its place on stage with the latest VATN Screen technology 

Iswitch's display models have 2 additional controls for thermostatic controls. You can mechanically change the temperature value, or you can increase or decrease the fan speed by pressing the buttons below the screen. Iswitch offers 2, 4, 8 button models with thermostatic models; and 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 button models with models without button options. 

The symbol you choose from our library is applied to the buttons. The most important Interra standard to make your life easier. User-friendly icons and custom designs for residence and hotel applications combine with Iswitch's performance. Symbols help users know the functions of the buttons.

It can easily adapt control, especially in offices and hotels. With a default symbol library, Interra helps customers and architects. Control figures such as "Do not disturb", "Clean the room" can be engraved or lasered during production.


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