Mitsubishi Electric KNX Gateway

ITR-830 is used to monitor and control all functions Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners with KNX; it is also compatible with all models of Domestic, Mr. Slim, and City Multi series sold by Mitsubishi Electric.

ITR830 has easy installation feature. It can be installed in its own AC indoor unit, one side is directly connected to the electronic circuit of the AC indoor unit (cable support) and the other side directly to the KNX data bus.

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- Voltage fault scenarios, before and after.
- Supporting a wide variety of MEE models
- Air condition status transmission start, programming
- Thermostat can be locked by thermostat lock/gateway; therefore, the temperature cannot be controlled by other devices.
- Duplex communication via KNX bus.

- Sending error messages as Bus protocols.
- Logic gates and expanded logistic capability
- Data conversion in Knx Bus
- All 5 operating modes supported by Interra gateway
- Sending operating mode by character
- Summer modes, winter mode, automatic temperature setting

- Air wing/ Air wing control and position feedback, oscillation mode
- (integrated temperature sensor in MEE),
- Defining and classifying setpoint range
- It is possible to create 5 different scenarios
- Working hours counter, filter
- It is possible to call stand with a scenario according to function
- Includes 4 logical and 8 converter advanced parameters for energy saving, configurable scenarios, temperature imitations, etc.
- Provides AC unit error messages for exception errors.
- Simple installation can be installed in AC indoor unit. It does not require any power supply.

- Timer
- Mitsubishi Electric provides full integration of AC with KNX bus.
- Provides full-duplex integration (control and monitoring) between the AC indoor unit and KNX.

- It provides 3 different digital inputs (i.e. motion detector, ejector, push button) to integrate into KNX.
- It provides extra communication objects for each command and provides discrete control and feedback objects for maximum flexibility.

INTERRA has begun to develop KNX gateways for various systems and protocols. The first one was Mitsubishi (MEE). New ones will be coming soon.

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