IS Server

Adding a new dimension to residence/hotel services, Interra IS Server is a software that plays an important role in comfort and convenience in living spaces.

The IS Server can also be configured as a concierge server or a hotel room management server. Since it is mountable on a DIN rail or a shelf, it offers excellent satisfaction in hardware alternatives.

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Interra IS server software, which has a dynamic structure, is briefly the server of all concierge services. Management of services such as "Calling Taxi, Cleaning Service, Valet Service" which are frequently used in Interra touch panels and mobile applications, is provided by this section. 

IS Server plays a major role in reporting services in hotels, and it can provide the service quality of hotel and dwellings in terms of integration and quality of tourist facilities. It can trigger a scenario for the entire facility and perform a time-based function with the embedded timer.

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