Interra Pro

Interra has released a new Android application for touch panels.

In addition to this, it offers many advanced features to users in order to provide a high-level security.

Besides having the same visual style as the previous one, many serious changes have been made behind the scenes.

Brand Logo

Touch Panel

Smart Home

* Viewing the floors
* Viewing sub-locations
* Controlling lighting
* Controlling curtains
* Controlling shutters
* Controlling air conditioners
* Controlling general devices
* Doing all the opening and closing operations based on location

All Controls

* Switching on and off all lightings
* Opening and closing all curtains
* Opening and closing all shutters
* Turning on and off all air conditioners
* Opening and closing all general objects


* Adding multiple links
* Linking with QR code
* Adding links manually
* Adding links to Wifi scanning feature
* Sending feedback e-mails
* List source code, license, and company web addresses


* Setting up and disabling alarms
* Activating and deactivating devices according to alarms and viewing the status
* Viewing all alarm objects connected to the system


* Running the scenarios


* Viewing the cameras
* Controlling the doors depending on the cameras

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