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Interra 4 Touch Panel, which is preferred by those who are looking for a modern design, hardware, software and a product with an appropriate interface that can meet all project requirements, is designed to be used on any area or surface.

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Touch Panel

The system, which provides the most suitable solutions for all needs regarding Intelligent Building Systems, stands out in its field by bringing comfort and convenience together.

Via Interra Touch Panel, you can perform all applications you need with just a small touch.


"10" Touch Panel

"7"   Touch Panel


Interra brings the age of enlightenment to your living spaces.

By controlling the lighting systems in your living spaces with Interra technologies, you can provide the lighting you want perfectly.


Services menu provides you with a solution key for all problems you may encounter at home.

Taxi for guests, concierge for daily cleaning, valet for your car ... Everything you need is in the services menu.


You do not have to worry about how you can communicate with your guests more easily anymore. By using the IP-based telephone and video intercom in front of your building, you can greet your guests at the entrance of your home and communicate with them if you wish.

Road Conditions

Perhaps the biggest problem in crowded cities is to overcome traffic jams. By finding the most appropriate routes and conditions, you can choose a smoother route. Thanks to this, with the help of reliable road condition information, traffic jams will no longer be a nightmare for you during the day.


You can inspire your living spaces by controlling the curtains-shutters via the touch panel.

Choose Your Own Life Scenario

You do not have to deal with dozens of systems in your house by yourself. You can easily control video intercom, lights, heating system, jalousies and alarm system with the help of a single control screen.

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